An update and an apology

I'm Screaming for the CureHey everyone. I dropped the ball pretty hard on the last couple weeks of the auction thanks to a lovely bout with my depression. I’m not looking for sympathy or to make excuses; it’s a thing that happens and one I have to deal with.

Our last basket only has a few books in it, so I’m going to do this: for a $10 donation, I’ll put you into a raffle for the last basket. To me, that seems the fairest way and one that will still benefit this year’s charity. I’m also going to be hosting some giveaways throughout the month, so stay tuned. When I get home from the day job, I’ll post the basket (I have a couple books to add to it from a signing I attended), and we’ll still do the Friday-Sunday deal. Using, I’ll pick a winner from those who donate.

Thanks again to everyone who’s participated this year. I’m still learning and doing a lot of this on my own, so this year, while not as rocky as last year, still had some hiccups to smooth out. I’m planning to enlist some help in two ways: 1) a street team to help me promote the auction and participating authors, and 2) some people to help me with behind-the-scenes stuff, mostly helping me keep up with emails and organize this whole thing. It’s much bigger than one person can handle (that’s what she said). I’m looking forward to better and brighter things. (If you’re interested in helping with this, please do email the new OFFICIAL Scream for the Cure email: ) 

One more thing. Next month, I’m going to open the blog to suggestions for next year’s charity. I’ll take suggestions, then set up some polls. I’d love more involvement from you guys, to learn about charities that are close to your hearts, and get to know y’all better. I still want this to be a community where we can come together and help each other. Hopefully in a year or two, I can set up a domain site and build a forum of some kind.

Again, I apologize for the delays. Yoy have my word that next year will be better.



Hey everyone! We’re a week away from the inaugural Scream! For the Cure charity auction, and I’m SUPER FREAKING STOKED. Starting on the 5th, I’ll be posting all the important information for the first week’s auction, so stay on this Bat Channel for some of the awesome news that’s heading your way.

For right now, to whet your appetite, here’s our full list of participating authors, and believe me, we’ve got some AWESOME stuff in store for you.

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