Why We’re Screaming: Erzabet Bishop

pomegranate largeCancer is a frightening thing. A couple of years ago I got the scare and it was perhaps the most sobering experience of my life. It was routine annual girlie exam. (I know, right. We all looooove those.) Anyway…the test came back abnormal. I had been diagnosed with PCOS with ovarian cysts. Even more fun. The pain and cramping. The weight gain and tiredness. Who’s body was this? Cause I wasn’t amused. (Still not and still dealing.)

The day came for the colposcopy and I had no idea what to expect. Certainly not what happened. For those of you lucky folk who are unfamiliar, a colposcopy is when they take chunks out of your cervix. Without pain killers. You feel a giant pinch inside of your …um…lady parts shall we say and when all is said and done you feel like a hollowed out gourd. It sucked. A lot.

I went home feeling like The Great Pumpkin and hubby took care of me. My friend from work came and held my hand. She is a nurse and understood the frightening thing this was. Cancer. Wow. Not me. No way. How could that even be possible? I was in my thirties. It had to be a mistake.

Then the waiting…

I got lucky. The tests came back negative with the possibility that I may have to do the test again at some future date. It runs in my family. But there are people all the time that didn’t get that second pass and that’s why I wanted to be a part of Scream for the Cure. Cause I did a lot of screaming when I thought I had it. Turns out I got lucky-this time. But I know there might come a day when it could be a different conversation and I have to put on my big girl panties and deal.

Cancer has taken so many people from my life. My sister in law. My great aunt. My mother in law. But you fight. You live for the people who are dear to you and you go on. Love is a powerful thing. To all of you fighting cancer I send light and love. To the ones left behind, I offer courage and compassion for the days ahead. I hope that my books can give you some laughter and maybe even an urge for ice water.

Love, light and happiness.

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Erzabet Bishop

Erzabet Bishop is an award winning author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Dinner Date, Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory’s Mark (upcoming 2016),The Devil’s Due (upcoming 2016), Charity Benshaw’s Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming 2016),Tethered, Sigil Fire, Glitter Lust (upcoming 2016), Written on Skin, Club Beam, Pomegranate, Fantasies in Red, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection, Holiday Cruise, Fetish Fair, Temptation Resorts: Jess, Temptation Resorts: Marnie, Taming the Beast, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. Erzabet has been a finalist in the GCLS awards for 2014 and 2015. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.
Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.
Amazon author page: http:// amazon.com/author/erzabetbishop/

Basket Preview: Erotic Romance

Welcome to Week 4 of the Scream for the Cure auction! Valued at well over $125, this week’s basket is definitely our biggest one, and it’s chock full of goodies from some really amazing authors. Without further ado, let’s get started. (This is gonna be a long post 😉 )

Kimber Vale is donating her science fiction romance.












Bijou Hunter‘s gifting us a $20 Amazon gift card and her novel Gator (that cover alone is just bad ass).

amazon gc gator












C.E. Kilgore is gracing us with five more of her books!

BackEast DownSouth OutWest True North RightBackWhere-eBook480





















I’m donating 3 titles from my back list.

This-Time-Next-Year130 CP_Complete Me_SM

Ember's secret












Elena Kincaid is donating three of her awesome books.

03 ek-mih-threemadeinheaven 03 ek-sc-unshattered bloodalpha-evernightpiblishing-jayaheer2015-smallpreview











Erzabet Bishop‘s donating two of her newer releases and two from her back list.

EB_BeyondFairytales_ClubBeam_LargeHiResWithLogo pomegranate large Lipstick-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-finalcover-updated TheScienceofLust-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-finalcover




















Inge Saunders is donating her multicultural romance.












Kitty Mulholland is giving us her Fierce & Fabulous series.

kitty1 kitty2 kitty3











Landra Graf‘s got What You Need (see what I did there?)

what you need











Lia Davis is donating volume one of her Ashwood Falls series and a very cozy-looking blanket!

2015-08-18 09.53.38 (1) AshwoodFallsVol1_300 (1)











Lucy Felthouse is making sure we’re Sated.












London St. James is giving us a couple of her Bad Boys.

london london2











Melissa Toppen’s got book 1 of her You and I trilogy.


Nancy Fraser‘s gifting us one of her rock’n’roll romances set in the 1950s.


Ravenna Tate wants to keep you reading for QUITE a while!

kidnappedbyawarrior1sFallonsCapture-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-finalcoverMariannesAbduction-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-FinalCover SeducedbyTwoWarriors-evernightpublishing-jyAheer2015-watermarkedappetite for blackmail ObsessionByDesign-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-finalimage (1)weathermen 3 snowbound1sone naughty fantasy






























Roni Loren and her gorgeous cover is back for year 2 of the auction ^_^


Sara Brookes is making sure we Get Off Easy. (I’m tired. Leave me alone.)


Shoshanna Evers is giving us her shiver-inducing reimagining of Beauty and the Beast (that cover, tho).












Vivien Dean is giving us 3 of her awesome books plus a $10 Amazon gift card!

twolives forgotten ragged edge amazon

Are you guys ready for this one? Auction starts Friday at noon!