It’s Auction Time! Paranormal Romance

Happy auction, Screamers! Here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs! Remember to place your bids in the comments!

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Our first basket is up for grabs! Need a reminder of what delicious science fiction and fantasy gems we have for you?

There’s over $100 worth of goodness right here. Let the bidding begin in the comments!

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The Rules

Since I'm Screaming for the Cureit’s almost auction time, I wanted to remind you of the rules.

Beginning October 2nd readers will have an opportunity to bid for baskets. The categories are Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, YA & Adult paranormal romance, and Horror/Suspense. We’ll be showcasing the baskets the week they go up for auction, with the auctions taking place on that Friday. In-between, we’ll also have guest posts from different authors and bloggers talking about their personal struggles with cancer, some who’ve battled the disease themselves, and some who have witnessed the ongoing struggle through someone else. It’ll also be a forum for people to talk about their experiences, maybe share some uplifting stories as well. It’ll be whatever we want it to be 🙂

Just like last year, the auctions will be open internationally. Remember, this is all for a good cause, so have fun with it!

Auction dates:

October 2nd – Science fiction/Fantasy

October 9th – YA  

October 16th – Paranormal Romance

October 23rd – Erotic Romance

October 30th – Horror/Suspense

A reminder of participating authors (This list is NOT complete.)

Scream (1)

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It’s Auction Time!!

Are you ready for this? Final auction and everything. It’s been a few days so here’s a refresher on what’s available:

DaneGranger Dont Look Back Nocturnal Embers Carnage Resolutions300x450TheEyesOfVengeance-V1

Plus, two dvd horror movies of our host’s choice, and a Resolutions prize pack including a Starbucks GC, a mug, and awesome swag.

Bid in the comments. Auction lasts 24 hours. 😀

Oh, and Happy Scream-o-ween

It’s Auction Time!

The erotic romance basket is officially up for grabs! And yes, it IS open internationally! Need a refresher on what we’ve got for you?

Lust Demons   The Saint   surfacing

NeedYouTonightFinal   what you need   zanesart-200   timelessdesire   TakingHim300

HavingHer300   Infamous_300   This-Time-Next-Year130   CP_Complete Me_SM   The Pulse

Pulse2   Pulse3   Enslaved1   enslaved2   Enslaved3

tycoon   boundtobeagroom_500x750   Riding Irish   Intergalactic-Heat-box-set-300x450   JES_Another-night-Another-planet_LG

BadLuckWithBesties_small   Calling-Home300x450   TransientHearts_Medium 1NS


Leave your bids in the comments!