Basket Preview: Young Adult

Here’s what’s up for grabs in our YA basket!

Connie L. Smith, my bfffffffffffff and all around excellent author, is donating two of her contemporary YA romances.

Jivin' Tango.v3 Tail Lights & Teardrops.v4-Final

Pippa Jay is back for her second basket appearance with her paranormal romance.

Restless in Peaceville 3

The auction is donating the following books. These are some of my favorite reads from the last few years, and I think you guys will love them too.

First is Leah Clifford’s Touch series. Definitely dark and macabre for Halloween month.

mortal morbid menacing

Beth Revis’ Across the Universe, a fantastic science fiction romance.


Elana Johnson’s Possession, a very interesting take on a dystopian world.


Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series. I pretty much give Julie Kagawa all my money.

iron fey

Found Naomi Novik’s amazing book and soon-to-be-movie through an article on Buzzfeed and was definitely NOT disappointed. It’s fantastic.


This book ripped out my soul. I love it.

sweetest dark

Libba Bray does not disappoint. I absolutely adore her Diviners series.


I wanted to cuddle this book so hard. Love Rachel Hartman.


This debut novel from Emily Murdoch is AH-MAZING. I had the opportunity to beta read and sobbed all the way through it, then I got to read the finished product and sobbed all the way through it again.

if you find me

Landra is throwing in two of her favorite reads, both of which sound crazy:

forest of hands and teeth



Get ready for Friday, ladies and gentlemen!


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