Holy crap, Screamers! It’s September! You guys know what that means, right? Only ONE MONTH til the Scream! For the Cure auction starts. We’ve got 32 amazing authors this year, and I cannot believe how many books we’ve got. I’m really looking for this year to be better than last year, and that’s saying a lot.

For everyone who’s new to the auction, #1 WELCOME. I’m so excited to have you on board! Scream! For the Cure is an online book auction *both print and eBooks and swag and gift cards and stuff* and each year, the proceeds go to a different charity. This year, I’ve chosen Dyin’ 2 Live, a wish granting service that strives to provide cancer patients with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Dreams like going to the AP Music awards; seeing and meeting amazing bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, and Gary Allen; going to UFC fights or NAScar races. Dreams that will provide hope and something to hold on to long after the event is past. It’s an awesome charity, and one I cannot be more excited to support. For more info, check out Dyin’ 2 Live’s website:

This is going to be a good great year, Screamers. I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

As a reminder, here are this year’s participating authors!

Scream (1)


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