Auction Basket Preview: Urban Fantasy

It’s time for another week, another basket. This week we bring you the Urban Fantasy Basket.

Note: This basket retails over $50 dollars, not including swag.

First we have a copy of the YA Urban Fantasy by Connie L. Smith: Enscrolled



Next up 3 books from Karina Cooper’s St. Croix Chronicles: Corroded, Tempered, and Engraved



Followed with swag and a physical book by Jeff Somers. Now you could get his latest, We Are Not Good People, or something from his Avery Cates/The Electric Church books. It’s a secret for now, but this man master web spins Urban Fantasy and spins traditional storytelling on it’s rear while pouring bourbon down it’s throat. Whatever you get, it’s worth it. Cover examples provided 😉

We Are Not Good PeopleThe Electric Church


Kendall Grey has graciously offered up the chance to pick one of her Urban Fantasy novels. From the series Just Breathe or her latest Urban Fantasy/Underworld/TooHotTooHandle book Hot-Blooded. Cover examples provided.

InhaleExhaleJust BreatheHot Blooded

With a urban fantasy involving witches, there’s also Ella Grey’s A Touch of Death

A Touch of Death

Finally, Landra Graf is adding to the pot 4 of her favorite Urban Fantasies. 2 from the illustrusious, creatively foul-mouthed Chuck Wendig. One from Allison Pang, and a novella from Jeff Somers.

BlackbirdsBlue BlazesA Brush of DarknessFixer

Not sure if you’ll like the books? Want to read blurbs, reviews, and about authors? Click the covers. They’ll will take you to the information you seek. Then pull out your balance registers, your online banking logins and budget your funds. Bidding starts Friday 10/24 – Midnight EST.


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