It’s Auction Time!

The erotic romance basket is officially up for grabs! And yes, it IS open internationally! Need a refresher on what we’ve got for you?

Lust Demons   The Saint   surfacing

NeedYouTonightFinal   what you need   zanesart-200   timelessdesire   TakingHim300

HavingHer300   Infamous_300   This-Time-Next-Year130   CP_Complete Me_SM   The Pulse

Pulse2   Pulse3   Enslaved1   enslaved2   Enslaved3

tycoon   boundtobeagroom_500x750   Riding Irish   Intergalactic-Heat-box-set-300x450   JES_Another-night-Another-planet_LG

BadLuckWithBesties_small   Calling-Home300x450   TransientHearts_Medium 1NS


Leave your bids in the comments!


38 thoughts on “It’s Auction Time!

      • I lost my maternal grandparents to bone cancer (grandfather) and stomach cancer (grandmother), my mother’s birth mother to ovarian cancer (she had breast cancer that came back as ovarian), my mother’s birth father had one of his kidneys removed because he had renal cancer, my great aunt had lung cancer, and I think one of my aunts has brain cancer…. So yeah. It’s a bit of craziness. I’m very much anti-cancer.

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